About us - English Version

Who we are and what we do

Weitblick Freiburg e.V. is a group of students from various academic fields. We are united in our aim to personally contribute to equal access to education. To reach this goal, we are working with committed volunteers and student know-how since 2011.

Weitblick Freiburg is part of a nation-wide network of stundent volunteers. Everyonecan contribute their own ideas and talents. We support local and international projects. Our main principles are "transparency, sustainability and reliability, course of action and helping others to help themselves, flexibility and diversity and fun while working", putting particular emphasis on personal contact at eye level.

Some of our topics are

  • refuge
  • sustainability
  • education
  • cooperation in development

Local Projects:

Cooperation with the refugee center “Bissierstraße”
As part of our local commitment in Freiburg we are implementing various projects with children and adults living in the refugee center “Bissierstraße”. We regularly organize activities such as theater visits, going to the movies and to promote personal and cultural exchange.
Apart from that, we also take care of the small library in the refugee center, so especially children and youths can come and play, read and chat.

Sightseeing - with a critical view on consumption

As complicated and abstract as the term „sustainability“ appears to most of us at first glance, our projects concerning sustainability are very practical. We organize get-togethers with clothes swaps, upcycling activities and many other projects. For instance, we participate in sight-seeing tours that are critical of consumption and conceptualize „green“ summer camps for children and youths to raise their environmental awareness.

Workshop on postcolonial perspectives and critical whiteness

Further education
One of our main aims is to broaden our own horizons and give others the chance to do the same. That's why we also organize lecture evenings, round-tables, workshops and film screenings with room for discussion.

Sarah Sam, founder of the "Achiase Children's Home"

Projects far away:

“Achiase Children’s Home” in Ghana
Mrs & Mr Sam lead a children’s home with an adjacent elementary school in the southern region of Ghana. About 40 orphans and single-parent children are taught together with approximately 150 children from the surrounding villages in subjects such as English and the Fante dialect. Weitblick Freiburg has been supporting this children's home since July 2012 by covering the salary for one of their teachers.

Renovating the roof of "Nsaba Zion School"

Renovation of an elementary school in Ghana
Since 1980 the building of the Nsaba Zion School in the central region of Ghana has not been renovated. In difficult weather conditions, lessons for the majority of the 250 primary school pupils have to be cancelled. These circumstances place a limit on the quality of teaching. Weitblick Freiburg wants to change this.
By means of several creative fundraising campaigns we were able to put together enough money by now to finish the first stage of renovation.
We cooperate closely with the Ghanaian NGO “Building for the Future Generation” (BFG) which is in charge of the realization and coordination on site. We hope to reach our goal and complete the funding of the renovation works soon.

One of our fundraising projects: For every scoop of "Education Ice cream" 20cents go directly to Weitblick

Rather than running around with a collection tin, we fund our projects with flea markets, parties, karaoke, concerts, coffee sales and foto calendars... creativity has no limits! The most important thing to us is that we enjoy furthering a good cause.

Everyone can join in!
Our association lives from the ideas and the commitment of its voluntary members just as much as from the financial support by friends and benefactors. Weitblick is open to all interested students. During the term, we meet every Monday evening (8 pm, HS 1234, University of Freiburg) to discuss and work on our projects.